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Many people are familiar with x-rays and know that they use radiation to take pictures of bones and teeth. Some types and amounts of radiation can be dangerous, but at Platinum Dental Care in St. George, we go above and beyond to ensure each patient’s safety as we use dental x-rays to treat them. 

The exposed levels of radiation that take place during an x-ray are so low that they are safe for patients of all ages, both children and adults. However, we place a lead apron over each of our patients before administering a dental x-ray, just to provide an added layer of protection between any radiation and allow our patients to feel especially safe and cared for.

We would love to help you with dental x-rays, call us today!

How often do I need to be x-rayed at the dentist?

The frequency of your dental x-rays depends on how often you visit the dentist and what treatment you need. Typically, our patients only have x-rays taken twice a year at their semi-annual cleaning and check-up appointments or even only every couple of years depending on their dental history. However, patients with gum disease or other special circumstances require dental x-rays to be taken as often as each time they visit the dentist.

What are dental x-rays

Taken for?

  • To identify cavities
  • To check for tooth decay or impacted teeth
  • To help your dentist visualize diseases of the teeth or gums
  • To recognize and treat dental problems early on before they progress
  • To showcase dental details that dentists can’t see with only a simple oral exam

There is nothing to fear about dental x-rays here at Platinum Dental Care. Your safety and well-being is our number one priority. Let us keep your smile glowing and schedule your appointment today!

A beautiful smile is always in fashion. Make a statement with yours and enjoy world-class dental treatment from the Platinum Dental Team of St. George!